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A Philosophical and Theological Perspective of Origins, Grace, and Biblical Faith

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Origons and Faith
A Philosophical and Theological Perspective of Origins and Faith

Origins, Grace, and Faith

Origins of the Universe, Biblical Grace, and Biblical Faith
A Philosophical and Theological Perspective

John Anning - Origins and Faith

This website is in honor of our Sovereign Lord, who graciously orchestrates the release of those who, without His gracious intervention, are prisoners of their own wills. Investigating matters of Origins and Biblical Faith, by way of scriptures, using some disciplines of Theology and Philosophy, I explore how God's sovereign work of free grace and rebirth effects the way that we think, the way that we make decisions, and ultimately, the way that we live our lives as a result of who we are and what we believe.

There are many well-meaning modern Christian churches that I believe have erroneously dismissed or minimized the sovereign free grace of God in their doctrinal teachings and preaching with more emphasis on man's desires and efforts rather than in God's mercy and grace alone regarding the salvation process. (Romans 9:16) Even though being "willing" by "faith" to make a personal decision to receive Christ as Savior is a critical and necessary component of the salvation process, there seems to be something else very necessary occurring from a much deeper spiritual dimension for anyone to be willing to do so, beyond what is inherently natural or even possible for the unregenerate "natural man". The problem is that an unregenerate "natural man" does not seek God, (Rom 3:11) and considers such matters as foolishness! (1 Corinthians 2:14) True love for God and the willingness and capability to practice true spiritual righteousness is not a natural attribute of the default fallen human condition. We are all inherently governed by the "sinful nature" at birth! Therefore, God's purpose and power, transcendent to man's desires and abilities, is necessary for replacing our sinful nature with a holy nature that can truly connect and relate to God - as someone who has been "saved" from our former identity and all consequences of it.

My investigations are centered around these critical question's; Does man's faith enable God's grace? — Or, does God's grace enable man's faith? - Or can both be true, or both be false? I believe that this is important for several reasons. If only one of these views is truth, then they are dramatically opposed to one another! If both views are true, then circular logic is involved, leading to an interesting, but rather perplexing and unresolvable paradox of reason. Even though this is not a violation of any philosophical laws of reason, it minimizes God's grace and man's faith to something meaningless, since each would depend on the other to be viable. If neither is true, then we are at the mercy of yet another paradox that would make one wonder if a path to salvation is possible at all.

I think that most Christian scholars and thinkers would agree that God would not purposefully obscure or oppress such an important truth in such unresolvable paradoxes. If the truth sets us free, then there must be some truth here that can be clearly understood. So for most Christians, only one of these views will be embraced at the very core of their doctrinal belief. Depending on which view is held, the subsequent behavior of a person, style of evangelism, and opinions on the doctrines of biblical grace will most certainly be very different! In this modern church age of Arminian apologetics, the most popular view held is the first; that man's faith is ultimately what influences and enables God's graciousness toward mankind. I would like to apply some rational and objective scrutiny to this doctrine. To the contrary, I believe the scriptures clearly demonstrates that it is God's sovereign and gracious free gift of supernaturally installed faith through regeneration of man's spirit, that is the reason that mankind is enabled to exercise true saving faith at all.

There is strong Biblical support suggesting that being willing to receive Christ by faith, is the result of God's supernatural work of regeneration in us, rather than the human vehicle of independent will-power. (Phil 2:13) If God is responsible for the measure of faith given to us, (Rom 12:3), then it is evident that we could not have developed the faith required for salvation all by ourselves without His divine intervention by way of His sovereign guidance and amazing grace. According to scripture, we are evidently incapable of coming to Christ by faith unless God has enabled us to do so. (John 6:65, John 6:44) Because of this, my convictions have compelled me to research some basic groundwork in the doctrine of Biblical grace and how it relates to Biblical faith. God's amazing grace is our hope, our confidence, and our comfort and is available ONLY through His Son Jesus Christ. (Acts 4:12) (1 Tim 2:5)

I hope to demonstrate that without the graciousness of God's work of regeneration, which enlightens and frees our enslaved minds and hearts, we can do nothing righteous on our own, including exercising saving faith in His Son, Christ Jesus. May God receive all of the honor and glory for His unprecedented graciousness and may we be humbled to a state of utter dependence and loving worship toward Him as a result.

It is my sincere hope and desire that your visit here will be an encouragement and inspiration along your personal journey.

— John Anning